1. What + How + Why

    WHAT is this site?

    REINVENTION STORIES is an experiment in bringing real life documentary stories into the potential of an interactive environment. This includes a short movie. Sit back and watch it if you want, or choose your own path through.

    You can add your own story. You can answer questions we ask. Or eventually you can see dozens of stories, of people, places and events in our city.

    Can an evolving web site become a living, breathing chronicle of one city’s struggle and resurgence? Let’s find out.

    HOW to navigate this site

    This site is a little different. Here’s how it works. The short movie here comes in 3 Acts. The movie starts automatically. But you can jump around anytime.

    The Three Acts

    Act 1 – Beginning – Who Was I?
    Act 2 – Middle – What Happened?
    Act 3 – End - Who Am I Now?  And our conclusions.

    Each act can be accessed in the top navigation bar.

    View any ACT by clicking on its number.

    The movie tells the stories of seven Daytonians.

    Each person appears in all three acts.

    The movie is kind of like a mix tape. We like the stories in this order, but how you watch is up to you.

    There is a progress bar tucked away at the bottom of the screen.

    Click on a name to jump forward or back.

    After the last person’s story you’ll jump to an interactive page, DRIVE THE ROAD. You can also get there by clicking this icon.

    Scroll down the road and click on the bubbles to watch mini-movies.

    NEXT, we want to hear from you!

    After the road you’ll jump to a cityscape that asks some questions. We hope you’ll answer!

    You can also get there by clicking this icon.

    There is a map that ties everything together and where you can share your own story.

    Once your story is uploaded, it will appear as a dot on the map.

    WHY we made this site.

    A team of us walked the sidewalks of Dayton for months, collecting stories, observing, gathering, so we could:

    Show you the City we saw. A city pulling out of a deep slump, vibrant, friendly, energetic, warm, open. With uneven progress, with a mountain of hurdles, with unfairness next to co-operation, with generosity side by side with suspicion. But turning around.

    Encourage us all to think of Dayton as one city. To see our interconnectedness, our common needs and goals. We rise and fall together. We believe our City’s reinvention needs our energies! We can do this.

    Spark Involvement. Urge us to action. We believe that community arises from shared work, shared thinking and shared fun. How to make a difference? Maybe it starts on your block, in your neighborhood. Maybe it’s helping one person, or joining a group effort. What would you like to see changed? How can you be part of it?

    Tell a story. We believe in stories. They help us get through tough things. They teach us. Stories can inspire, shine a beacon in a storm, form connection, help us be less alone, point the way to action. This site shares stories of how people are facing these new economic times. We tell ours, you tell yours.